Discovering paint and myself – again.

Starting something NEW !


This may not be something new to you as an audience, after all landscapes are rather old news in the world of oil painting. However, for myself oil painting has been a struggle as well as a release and lately I have discovered that landscapes have been a way for me to explore. I am exploring my brush strokes, the colors I apply, and how I layer them on the canvas.

Layers were taught to me to be methodical and all about pre missing and applying a carefully planned out subject on canvas. Not anymore, say I – for now on I play to layer based on the emotion the color provokes, and layer the paint as if I am instead creating a sculpture of my vision using think paint.

In “Landscape Blue” I discovered a new paint quality I had yet encountered and fell in love. The vivid impact and the relationships it made with neighboring color blew me away. I spent six hours exploring the paint right from the tube and only mixing on the canvas if it “felt appropriate” –

Landscape Blue, 1 of series
Landscape Blue, 1 of series


It was after I had this painting I knew that I was at the start of something new. New for myself and how I wanted to paint. Perhaps paintings are really just the medium I use to discover myself. And with these landscapes and an appreciation – almost a love affair – with the paints, I started more landscapes.



The Trees here are inspired by my trip to Corinth, VT but the landscape is not an exact painting of the land I visited. Instead it is a combination of the moment I shared (painting under an umbrella in the heavy rain, thunder and lightning) – and the enjoyment of using pure color again.

I was not using the same brand of paint as in Landscape Blue and I could tell there was a difference in how the paint did not vividly translate what I felt about the colors. It has become clear that my “something new” will also mean making a transition into a new paint brand, a new paint style, and a new paint way of thinking.

So many more to come and when I get the final images taken and uploaded for print – there will be some amazing things captured about this journey I am embarking with myself, my paint and my canvas.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.51.48 PM

Author: Jessica D Perez

Jessica D Perez was born in the Untied States but has traveled and enjoyed Europe and Canada totally 15 years. Within this time frame she has continued to paint with oil colors and show her work once annually to an audience for highest bidding. In addition to, Jessica D Perez enjoys live painting, competitive painting and alternative entertainment and art shows that inspire the regular appreciator to get up close and personal with painting processes.