Time Lapse Reflection of Trees

Tree Reflections. Acrylic on canvas.
Tree Reflections. Acrylic on canvas.

For fun and to make a 20 minute painting example for a private group wanting to learn, I made this time lapse while I worked on a sample painting.

A lesson that I have learned about quick painting in acrylic is how to prioritize colors and work with them even if they don’t want to cooperate. The biggest struggle with fast paintings is when you need it dry but the paint is wet. Making an additional layer that way can be a challenge.

Enjoy this quick one and let me know what you think .


Author: Jessica D Perez

Jessica D Perez was born in the Untied States but has traveled and enjoyed Europe and Canada totally 15 years. Within this time frame she has continued to paint with oil colors and show her work once annually to an audience for highest bidding. In addition to, Jessica D Perez enjoys live painting, competitive painting and alternative entertainment and art shows that inspire the regular appreciator to get up close and personal with painting processes.