Overnight at the Art Factory.


I had the pleasure and honor to paint overnight at the Art Factory, not yet open to the public. The owner and creator of a new project in Renfrew, Patrick John Mills, introduced to me the essence of painting what your gut is rolling. And so with that – I embarked on more than one journey that night.


Painting in Sienna - imaginary landscape
Painting in Sienna – imaginary landscape

A penance to the masters I began with a background of vibrance. The combination of Burnt Sienna and Indian Yellow are bold, bright and can allure other colors to dance. I spent a lot of time working on this first layer as Patrick Mills did his best to make two large abstracts. I may be a slower painter – but his opposition is why I enjoy having him next to me.

Another painting was started – almost finished  – and it tore open the lid to an emotional jar of tears. Its the first of a series – keeping it hidden for a while – that will reveal the sexual journey of shame to freedom.

incomplete - a sexual journey from shame to freedom.
incomplete – a sexual journey from shame to freedom.

It is important as an artist to expose your most vulnerable if you want to have the world appreciate its depth. Only problem with this is the exposing your most vulnerable. As my personal life deals with a difficult sexual past and a current freedom of its own role  – I have learned to embrace more than I was comfortable with, and I am happy the seal is broken. This full series will be on display when it is completed.


Author: Jessica D Perez

Jessica D Perez was born in the Untied States but has traveled and enjoyed Europe and Canada totally 15 years. Within this time frame she has continued to paint with oil colors and show her work once annually to an audience for highest bidding. In addition to, Jessica D Perez enjoys live painting, competitive painting and alternative entertainment and art shows that inspire the regular appreciator to get up close and personal with painting processes.