Standing Rock


Amongst other studies, the series for Standing Rock continues at the RAW: Verse showcase in Ottawa, ON on April 06, 2017.


photo by Bing Wen. RAW: Verse -Jessica D Perez Ottawa, ON 2017

Standing Rock, North Dakota. There is a Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) being constructed and attempting to gain access to dig under the water to complete the route … the construction endangers the water, crosses Native American burial grounds, and violates the treaty with the United States and the reservation.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has officially denied the final stage of the easement but there is not sign of the DAPL changing their minds to re-route. This is not over.

Information on the full protest here:

FACEBOOK – SIOUX TRIBE official page.

You can show support as well. CLICK HERE to learn and donate and support.


Author: Jessica D Perez

Jessica D Perez was born in the Untied States but has traveled and enjoyed Europe and Canada totally 15 years. Within this time frame she has continued to paint with oil colors and show her work once annually to an audience for highest bidding. In addition to, Jessica D Perez enjoys live painting, competitive painting and alternative entertainment and art shows that inspire the regular appreciator to get up close and personal with painting processes.