Artist in action


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Because this is real-time, check back during the week during the hours of 11:00am – 2:00pm for best chance to watch me paint.

Along with oil painting, Jessica enjoys getting out in the art community and participating in live events. This includes live painting in the city for community building as well as competitively at Art Battle, held monthly all over Canada. She enjoys the lively nature of getting artists together and building the network of creative and like minded artists.

Additionally, Jessica and fellow artists enjoy taking their canvas outdoors and painting the scenery or the emotions of the scenery. Its an exercise that helps improve sight, color theory, practice and patience. It starts out difficult but quickly teaches render and priority. A practice highly recommended if you are interested in learning to be an artist yourself.

Look below for the action ! Quick timeless videos of my work on the Socorro series illustrating how I get creative in the studio or outside painting the land.

Almyer painting snow  (click to see!)