Artist on DISPLAY

June 22, 2016 – solo art auction and live painting.

Ottawa, ON Canada – Jessica D Perez set up 30 pieces of artwork that she tirelessly created and prepared for this show. An additional three pieces related to the work from iamC2 and using Braille were displayed.

Jessica D Perez put her skill on display as she painted in oil colors live – using the inspiration from the beer someone ordered for her, she created a piece that will soon be done and up for sale as well.

Most of the pieces were landscapes and filled with vibrancy and texture. The attendees had the pleasure of hearing the stories behind each piece and could snatch them up at less than retail. VIP tickets were sold for the eager buyers who didn’t want to risk losing their favorite at auction.

The show was a success with many happy clients now owning more than half of the show. The remaining pieces are available for purchase through the artist.


Washington, DC 2015 – solo show to private invitations. A sweet start to the artistic career and continued endeavors.

Additional modeling and costume works from the past year