Amsterdam, City of Cures

Sitting in a cafe
It’s a beautiful Sunday
In November, it doesn’t rain
In a city that steals your pain.

An escape, another world
Gone for only one night
The long lonely walks
Drowning all of the sites

You don’t know them
And they don’t know you
Plenty of food and drink
Plenty of things to do

But this trip was meant
For solitude and recovery
For making a decision
Upon your discovery

Discover the sight and sounds
Discover who is in your heart
Only the sane are in
And their souls torn apart

Loneliness can be a gift
Buy if it’s taken for too long
The gift becomes the poison
And loneliness is never gone

But in moments when it’s treasured
Take this moment to reflect
In a bustling city of cures
Look around at what’s left

You see the couples,
You see the restaurants
When it reaches it’s end
Do you know what you want?

Jessica D Perez