(for mature audiences only)

Wouldn’t it be nice
Resting my hips
Laying on my back
Biting my lips

Thoughts of you
Your sexy body close
I feel my own skin
the petal of a rose

I envision your eyes
Baring down into me
My fingers find their way
Searching carefully

My nipples harden
I feel the humidity
It grows warmer around me
I’m feeling sexy

I wish it was you
And not my hand
But it doesn’t stop me
From my plan

Reaching down I feel
I’m wet from visions of you
My skin is static with anticipation
It’s what I want to do

I want to feel this glow
Feel this penetration
Feel the electricity of the touch
Feel the tangle of passion

And so I touch some more
And my back arches high
I moan and I beg for this
Gonna do it right

Cumming high and low
It’s a feeling that I know
Traps me I’m a circle
Want you more and more.

I wish it was you
Taking your time
Exploring my crevasse
In an even rhyme.

Your sexy
Your passion
Your thrust
Your endless capture.