I don’t want to love you

I don’t want to love you


I don’t want to be in love with you
I don’t want to wish for your touch
I don’t want to miss your kiss
Or the way you give me a hug

I don’t want to fall in love with you
You are not mine to ask for
I am not yours to chase after
There’s nothing more

We desire each other greatly
And it’s a physical attraction
We admire each other already
Trying to ignore the distraction

It’s a loss before its a gain
It’s a game that shouldn’t be played
But still I feel the desire for you
Your absence makes me frayed

I have not lost what I have at home
A stable and aware situation
But I find myself still day dreaming
Of my sinful distraction

I am not allowed society said
To fall for more than one
But my body and my heart
Try to say it can be done

I don’t want to be in love with you
And I do things to make sure I don’t
But then I saw your eyes today
I can’t promise I won’t

Even if I do find myself in love
I’ll deny it for as long as I can
Because a woman with two lovers
Society is not a fan

A man can have many wives
And be seen as a hero
A woman with more than one
Is only a whore.

It’s a tragedy in its own way
That only one love is kept
Only one love is celebrated
The other you’re meant to forget

Forget the feeling, the closeness
Forget the highs and the lows
Forget the ache and the yearning
Because for all that you know

Living one single life
And having only one single love
Is the simple answer to it all.