Lets Just

Lets Just

I don’t know how
To place in my mind
The things that I see
What I feel and find

You want to so much
Please and care for me
But your efforts are so grand
They fail to see

I don’t need golden doors
A waiter with shiny shoes
A lavish bed and robe
Or trivial things to do

Sometimes I just wish
We could have a picnic
Something unpretentious
Perhaps a fun flick

Can’t we just focus on us
Things that make us laugh
Do we always have to be serious
In love, romantic and bash

I just want simplicity
Let’s just sit on the grass
Enjoy the sun rays on our face
And find things to make us laugh

The world is stressful enough
Everyone is serious about it
Life should bring us smiles
And the hard to resist

Can’t we just look bright
At the things that bring us along
Cherish what we will
But let’s not forget the song

Enjoy the laughter, the music,
And then we can feel
That all of this celebrates
Is what is real

Real in life, what makes us smile
I want to savour textures
Of the world I’m surrounded
Of words and gestures.

Just let go of expectations
Let go of on what you’re hung
It’s not the key to our time
Or what makes our moment fun

Let’s just be us!
Roaming and holding hands
Just the things that bring us joy
And roars out from the stands!

Let’s just be us
You and me
Let’s just have us
So completely.