We are not just women
We are daughters
We have our own kin
And so we are mothers

We have friends
Who share these titles
Only those who challenge our duty
Become our rivals

Being a daughter is one thing
Being a mom is another
Moms day is that much better
Because we share it together

Whether mom is on earth
Watching us from the heaven
Mom is instilled in our hearts
Because we share it together

She gives us the strength
That we pass to our own
She gives us the memories
We create for them

Mom. To everyone of you.
I love every mom I’ve met
Each one that has inspired
And each I won’t forget

To the mom who saved me in labor
To the mom who loves to share
To the mom whose kids love mine
To the mom who is so rare

To the moms that you are
And to your moms too
Because each mom makes one
That perfect mom is you

Happy Mothers Day
To every mom friend I have
And may your day be blessed
Because of who you are