When we live our lives
Going about day in and out
How do we know we did it right
Without a fight or a shout

Are we searching for a destination
That then takes us along our ride
Or looking for a quiet place
To sit and hide

Are we hoping to have a journey
Filled with adventures and tales
Or looking for the right moment
That explains ourselves

What if your journey
Starts to feel like a destination
And you have a hard time looking
Beyond stagnation?

And this journey you thought
You may end up in a place
That is scared enough
To feel like a rat race

Your destination is not a place
It’s supposed to be a reward
But are we rewarding the right things
Or are we just getting bored?

Place a hand over your eyes
Don’t listen with your ears
Ask yourself what you’d do
If you didn’t have your fears

Where will you go
What will you do
What wishes do you have
That are bigger than you?