The Rules

The Rules


What is trapped?
Are we just sitting around
Hoping that the rules we’re given
Will bring us something profound?

Live life this way,
Live life with these sets of rules
Live life just like everyone else
And avoid being a fool

So what happens if
You realize you’re sad
But you are doing it the right way
There’s no choice to be had

It doesn’t make sense
Sadness doesn’t come from right
It comes from uncertainty
And sleepless nights

So look around at those things
The ones that build your life
Look at your place in the world
A woman, a mother, a wife

How did you come by them?
How will you keep them here?
Do they make you feel safe
Or bring out a different fear?

Fear not but fear itself
Said one wise man
Who never held the pain of labor
Within his hand

And so all things said and done
You are now coasting the right
The path of your short life
And your sleepless night

Love all those around you
Nurture those of your blood
Keep your walls tall and sealed
Prevent the flood

Flood of choice
Flood of fear or change
Flood of problems
Or things of strange

No… Just follow the rules
The ones written for life
Because the one who wrote them
Had it right

And before they were written?
Were we wrong to decide
For ourselves, our children
The water and the Rye?

That we must all get in line
Hurry up to stop
Do what everyone else does
Or turn out a flop

Shame on you
For insisting there is no dream
Nothing beyond our rules
Or outside the sewn seam

Shame on me for believing
Life was more than a game
Because really it’s life
Not an animal to cage

Live it fullest in peace
Risk and fight for love
Honor your children’s future
Watch the sky above

The clouds keep rolling
The sun always sets
Just before it rises again
The stars take your breath

You are not bigger than it
The nature of being
Don’t deny yourself aware
And ability in seeing

Seeing life as life
As the way they really are
No truth is closer
Than the one that is far