Im tired

I don’t just mean a little sleepy
Its a feeling that follows
and drags down my me
Waves of heat
They overwhelm my eyelids
I just want to lie down
but I have my kids
They run around in circles
Making all sorts of noise
Putting themselves in danger
My two girls and boy
Too young to supervise
Cannot leave them to be
Its just my tiredness
my kids and me
I hope the coffee
will kick in at some point
Perhaps I’ll find the energy
I ache in my joints
Coffee makes no change
I feed the kids so they hold still
Just a moment to myself please
Is all I have in my will.
Tired so tired
Where did my energy go?
I have no idea, I can’t find it
But I really need to know
And so I write this
In hopes that it will inspire
I can start the small spark
That ignites a fire
A fire for the day
One for the mom in me
One for the artist too
To survive, hopefully.