Waves. Tide in and out.

Different levels, different day.

When did I first notice

Was it always this way?


A wave of Joy, of laughter

A tide of Hunger.

A wave or two of lust,

or things that must.


Your duties, your stance.

When is the next time

That during your dance

you lose your rhyme?


Rhythm of the tides

and their waves.

The moon always changing

Day after day


We listen but do not speak

Of the things that make us weak

We ride or we hide

Week after week


In a current of an ocean

There is a lesson to be told.

Grab the things that guide you

If that is where you go


Just like a wave that washes

up the shore

Theres always a landing place

so much more


More nutrition, sky and sun

Everything for Everyone

Love. Faith in us.

A life to be won.